topics title
big data systems differential dataflow, CIDR 2013
big data systems Toward Progress Indicators on Steroids for Big Data Systems, CIDR 2013
big data systems MLbase: A Distributed Machine-learning System, CIDR 2013
big data systems Brainwash: A Data System for Feature Engineering, CIDR 2013
big data systems Early Accurate Results for Advanced Analytics on MapReduce, VLDB 2012
crowdsoucring Computational Journalism:A Call to Arms to Database Researchers, CIDR 2011
crowdsoucring Answering Queries using Humans, Algorithms and Databases, CIDR 2011
crowdsourcing Crowdsourced Databases: Query Processing with People, CIDR 2011
crowdsourcing CDAS: A Crowdsourcing Data Analytics System, VLDB 2012
crowdsourcing Pushing the Boundaries of Crowd-enabled Databases
with Query-driven Schema Expansion , VLDB 2012
crowdsourcing, integration CrowdER: Crowdsourcing Entity Resolution, VLDB 2012
integration A Bayesian Approach to Discovering Truth from Conflicting Sources for Data Integration, VLDB 2012
integration PARIS: Probabilistic Alignment of Relations, Instances, and Schema, VLDB 2012
integration Learning Expressive Linkage Rules using Genetic Programming, VLDB 2012
integration Data Integration and Data Exchange: Itís Really About Time, CIDR 2013
integration User Feedback as a First Class Citizen
in Information Integration Systems, CIDR 2011
integration Data Curation at Scale: The Data Tamer System, CIDR 2013
privacy An Adaptive Mechanism for Accurate Query Answering under Differential Privacy, VLDB 2012
privacy Functional Mechanism: Regression Analysis under Differential Privacy, VLDB 2012
privacy Low-Rank Mechanism: Optimizing Batch Queries under Differential Privacy, VLDB 2012
privacy Shortest Path Computation with No Information Leakage, VLDB 2012
privacy PrivBasis: Frequent Itemset Mining with Differential Privacy , VLDB 2012
privacy Differential identifiability, SIGKDD 2012
privacy, integration Managing Information Leakage, CIDR 2011
probabilistic DB Uncertain Centroid based Partitional Clustering of Uncertain Data, VLDB 2012
probabilistic DB Mining Frequent Itemsets over Uncertain Databases, VLDB 2012
probabilistic DB Statistical Distortion: Consequences of Data Cleaning, VLDB 2012
security, privacy Trusted Cells: A Sea Change for Personal Data Services, CIDR 2013
security, privacy Stop That Query! The Need for Managing Data Use, CIDR 2013
security, privacy Database Access Control & Privacy: Is There A Common Ground? CIDR 2011
security, privacy Explanation-Based Auditing, VLDB 2012
spatial-temporal Effective and Robust Mining of Temporal Subspace Clusters , ICDM 2012
spatial-temporal Student-t based Robust Spatio-Temporal Prediction, ICDM 2012
spatial-temporal Robust Prediction and Outlier Detection for Spatial Dataset, ICDM 2012
spatial-temporal Constructing popular routes from uncertain trajectories, SIGKDD 2012
spatial-temporal Mining large-scale, sparse GPS traces for map inference: comparison of approaches, SIGKDD 2012
spatial-temporal Utilizing Real-World Transportation Data for Accurate Traffic Prediction, ICDM 2012
spatial-temporal On the Spatiotemporal Burstiness of Terms, VLDB 2012
spatial-temporal Boosting Moving Object Indexing through Velocity Partitioning, VLDB 2012
spatial-temporal Multiple Location Profiling for Users and Relationships from Social Network and Content ,VLDB 2012
spatial-temporal, privacy A MovingObject Index for Efficient Query Processing with Peer-Wise Location Privacy, VLDB 2012
streams Sketch-based Querying of Distributed Sliding-Window Data Streams, VLDB 2012
streams Summarization and Matching of Density-Based Clusters in Streaming Environments, VLDB 2012
streams Verifying Computations with Streaming Interactive Proofs, VLDB 2012
streams Online Maritime Abnormality Detection using Gaussian Processes and Extreme Value Theory , ICDM 2012
timeseries Uncertain Time-Series Similarity: Return to the Basics, VLDB 2012
timeseries Mining recent temporal patterns for event detection in multivariate time series data, SIGKDD 2012
timeseries Towards heterogeneous temporal clinical event pattern discovery: a convolutional approach, SIGKDD 2012
timeseries An integrated data mining approach to real-time clinical monitoring and deterioration warning, SIGKDD 2012
timeseries RainMon: an integrated approach to mining bursty timeseries monitoring data, SIGKDD 2012
timeseries Longitudinal Analytics on Web Archive Data: Itís About Time!, CIDR 2011
timeseries Searching and Mining Trillions of Time Series Subsequences under Dynamic Time Warping, SIGKDD 2012