The following schedule will be updated as we progress.

Week # Date Readings/Slides Presenter
Week 1 01/15 Introduction
01/17 Searching and Mining Trillions of Time Series Subsequences under Dynamic Time Warping
Paper, Slides, Discussion
Background slides: Dynamic Time Warping (DTW), Lower Bound for DTW
Week 2 01/22 Uncertain Time-Series Similarity: Return to the Basics
01/24 RainMon: an integrated approach to mining bursty timeseries monitoring data, SIGKDD 2012
Week 3 01/29 Utilizing Real-World Transportation Data for Accurate Traffic Prediction Liyue
01/31 Mining Large-Scale, Sparse GPS Traces for Map Inference: Comparison of Approaches Hoang
Week 4 02/05 Constructing Popular Routes from Uncertain Trajectories, SIGKDD 2012 Slawek
02/07 Multiple Location Profiling for Users and Relationships from Social Network and Content, VLDB20 12 Daniel
Week 5 02/12 Boosting Moving Object Indexing through Velocity Partitioning Luca
02/14 A MovingObject Index for Efficient Query Processing with Peer-Wise Location Privacy Jinfei
Week 6 02/19 Trajectory Clustering with Mixtures of Regression Models Yonghui
02/21 An Integrated Data Mining Approach to Real-time Clinical Monitoring and Deterioration Warning Layla
Week 7 02/26 Effective and Robust Mining of Temporal Subspace Clusters Xiaofeng
02/28 Robust Prediction and Outlier Detection for Spatial Dataset Haoran
Week 8 03/05 Summarization and Matching of Density-Based Clusters in Streaming Environments Kai
03/07 Low-Rank Mechanism: Optimizing Batch Queries under Differential Privacy Yonghui
Week 9 Spring break - have fun!
Week 10 03/19 Reading
03/21 Reading
Week 11 03/26 Online Maritime Abnormality Detection using Gaussian Processes and Extreme Value Theory Daniel
03/28 Shortest Path Computation with No Information Leakage Layla
Week 12 04/02 Mining recent temporal patterns for event detection in multivariate time series data Luca
04/04 A theory of pricing private data, EDBT/ICDT 2013 Slawek
Week 13 04/09 Early Accurate Results for Advanced Analytics on MapReduce, VLDB 2012 Kai
04/11 Reading
Week 14 04/16 Efficient privacy-aware record integration, EDBT 2013 Liyue
04/18 Locally-scaled spectral clustering using empty region graphs, SIGKDD 2012 Xiaofeng
Week 15 04/23 Efficient Probabilistic Reverse Nearest Neighbor Query Processing on Uncertain Data Hoang
04/25 On the Spatiotemporal Burstiness of Terms, VLDB 2012 Haoran