International Workshop on Health Information and Knowledge Management (HIKM 2006)

in Conjunction with CIKM 2006
Sponsored by: ACM SIGIR and SIGWEB

Saturday, November 11, 2006
Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, Arlington, VA


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The health care industry is one of the world's largest, fastest-growing and the most information intensive industries. Medical informatics has been an important area for the application of computing and information management technology for a few decades. The advances in health care such as digitization of medical records, creation of central record systems, development of health care data warehouses continue posing new challenges to information and knowledge management. The high stakes and unique characteristics of health information such as the long-term value of the data, varied data quality, the complexity of the data, the privacy constraints, as well as the availability requirements in emergent situations require special treatments of traditional information and knowledge management techniques.

Health care data warehouse - Many health care data warehouse are being built that pulls data from a variety of data sources including electronic medical records, registry data, GenBank, etc. The goal is to integrate the data and facilitate informatics research. Traditional data warehouse techniques such as data modeling and OLAP operations have to be revisited to deal with the complexity of health information.

Biomedical information retrieval - While the high throughput and data intensive era provides enormous opportunities for decision making and clinical research, it also present information challenges for clinicians and biomedical researchers to find relevant information efficiently. New factors such as the rich context, user-oriented evaluation, and access to the data archive have to be taken into account in designing and developing information retrieval systems for health care.

Data security and privacy - On one hand, health information need to be protected for confidentiality and privacy, and on the other hand, they need to be available in the case of emergency. Research in data security and privacy is of growing importance for health information. The interesting problems range from traditional ones such as access control and multi-level security to recently emerged ones such as flexible privacy preserving data mining and data sharing.

Data integrity - A major barrier in health information management is that a small but significant amount of data contains error. In some cases, it is a result of a historical rule such as using mother's SSN in a child's medical record. In other cases, it is a mistake during the process of transcribing data from doctor's hand-written reports. Research advances in data verification as well as practical techniques that can be applied in health information are of particular interests.

Data heterogeneity and data integration - an overarching complexity associated with the above issues is data heterogeneity. Data resides in relational databases (such as patient information) as well as in unstructured text forms (such as lab and pathology reports). Data integration across the heterogeneous sources remains a challenging issue.

This workshop aims to provide an open yet focused platform for researchers and practitioners from computer science and health care industry to discuss and present current research challenges and advances in health information and knowledge management. We welcome original research papers that present novel research ideas, position papers that discuss new technology trends and provide new insights into the domain, as well as industry papers that share practical experiences.

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