Undergraduate Math Competitions

Each fall I register Emory undergraduates interested in the VTRMC (late October) and/or the Putnam (first Saturday in December). I offer practice sessions to those interested, and I lend books for self-study.

Recent VTRMC exams and solutions are at the link above, and recent Putnam exams and solutions are at Kedlaya's archive. I also maintain a notebook of resources for undergraduates interested in these exams. For each meeting I'll collect any documents in a subdirectory below (the directory name is a date: MMDD).

Good luck! — Mic Grigni

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] files/ 02-Sep-2017 15:21 - [TXT] books.txt 05-Dec-2017 11:57 229 [DIR] 1201/ 05-Dec-2017 12:00 - the day before [DIR] 1117/ 05-Dec-2017 11:59 - Putnam examples of number theory, groups [DIR] 1110/ 05-Dec-2017 11:58 - more real analysis, Putnam level [DIR] 1103/ 03-Nov-2017 14:28 - tricks of exact counting or probability [DIR] 1027/ 27-Oct-2017 12:58 - go over VTRMC, writing tips [DIR] 1013/ 10-Nov-2017 13:08 - geometry, Bollobas book, pre-VTRMC [DIR] 1006/ 05-Dec-2017 11:58 - real analysis basics (limits, convergence) [DIR] 0929/ 06-Oct-2017 14:43 - polynomials and symmetric functions [DIR] 0915/ 15-Sep-2017 16:00 - pigeon hole, easier combinatorial problems [DIR] 0908/ 08-Sep-2017 16:00 - 101 points puzzle, matrix problems [DIR] 0901/ 01-Sep-2017 16:00 - introductory meeting
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