Undergraduate Math Competitions

Each year, I help Emory undergraduates interested in the VTRMC and the Putnam math competitions. I keep a mailing list, I organize practice sessions, I lend materials, and I adminster the exams.

With the 2020 pandemic, the usual fall schedule is overturned. The Putnam exam (usually the first Saturday of December) has been delayed to February 20, and depending on circumstances they may consider remote exam-taking. The VTRMC (usually the last Saturday of October) has not announced their exact plan yet, but they have also delayed until Spring 2021.

Pre-pandemic, I would offer practice sessions, typically 4pm Fridays in the Fall. For 2020, I'm thinking of starting some zoom practice sessions over the winter break (December and January). Students do not need to attend practice sessions, in order to take the exams!

Let me know if you are interested. I'm keeping a mailing list, and also a "teams" page. Meanwhile, see SELF-STUDY.html for some basic resources.

Stay well! — Mic Grigni

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