Payam Karisani

Email: payam.karisani (at) emory (dot) edu
Office: E500, Emerson Hall

I am a PhD student in CS. My research focuses on Text Mining, and my advisor is Eugene Agichtein. I am familiar with IR, NLP, and Machine Learning. To view the list of my papers visit the DBLP webpage.
You can also find my CV here (as of April, 2018).

A nice quote from Pedro Domingos on Machine Learning: The main role of theoretical guarantees in machine learning is not as a criterion for practical decisions, but as a source of understanding and driving force for algorithm design. In this capacity, they are quite useful; indeed, the close interplay of theory and practice is one of the main reasons machine learning has made so much progress over the years. But caveat emptor: learning is a complex phenomenon, and just because a learner has a theoretical justification and works in practice doesn't mean the former is the reason for the latter.