May 17-19, 2007
Emory University
Atlanta, GA, 30322

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, with support from the National Security Agency, The Graduate School of Arts and Science of Emory University, the Emory University Conference Subvention fund, and the Department of Math & CS, will host the 20th Cumberland Conference on Discrete Mathematics, May 17-19, 2007.

The conference has always stressed the applications of discrete mathematics in Computer Science. This year we are also emphasizing the contributions of women in discrete mathematics.

Featured Speakers are:

Maria Chudnovsky, Columbia University [abstract]
Penny Haxell, University of Waterloo [abstract]
Carla Savage, North Carolina State University [abstract]

Contributed (20 minute) talks are welcome.

Other Speakers and links to abstracts

Nancy Eaton, University of Rhode Island Maria Axenovich, Iowa State University [abstract] Christine Heitsch, Georgia Tech. [abstract]
Ewa Kubicka, Univ. of Louisville [abstract] Terry McKee, Wright State University [abstract] Livinus U. Uko, Johnson C Smith Univ. [abstract]
Ralph Faudree, University of Memphis [abstract] Davorin Dujmovic, Mount St. Mary's University [abstract] Gexin Yu, Vanderbilt University [abstract]
Wayne Goddard, Clemson University [abstract] Pete Johnson, Auburn [abstract] Pete Slater, U. Ala. Huntsville [abstract]
Mingquan Zhan, Millersville Univ. [abstract] Vitaly Voloshin, Troy University [abstract] John Schmitt, Middlebury College [abstract]
Sandra Kingan, Clayton State University [abstract] Renu Laskar, Clemson University [abstract] Jan Zich, Emory University [abstract]
Zixia Song, Central Florida [abstract] Noah Prince, Univ. of Illinois [abstract] Mike Ferrara, CU Denver and Univ. Akron [abstract]
Dan Cranston, DIMACS, Rutgers University [abstract] Ellen Gethner, U. Colorado at Denver [abstract] Paul Wenger, Univ. of Illinois [abstract]
Carolyn Chun, LSU [abstract] Mike Jacobson, U. Colorado at Denver [abstract] Jennifer Vandenbussche, U. Illinois [abstract]
Charlie Suffel, Stevens Institute [abstract] Grzegorz Kubicki, Univ. of Louisville [abstract] Yuejian Peng, Indiana State University [abstract]
Robert Rubalcaba for Ramesh Bhandari, Dept. of Defense [abstract] Colton Magnant, Emory University [abstract] Baogang Xu, Nanjing Normal University [abstract]
Papa Sissokho, Illinois State University [abstract] Andrzej Dudek, Emory University [abstract] Robert Jamison, Clemson University [abstract]
Xuechao Li, University of Georgia [abstract] Mark Ellingham, Vanderbilt University [abstract] Steven Boyd, Clemson University [abstract]
Ann Sinko, Univ. Alabama Huntsville [abstract] Miranda Roden, Univ. Alabama Hunstville [abstract] Louis Sewell, Univ. Alabama Huntsville [abstract]
Gretchen Matthews for Beth Novick, Clemson University [abstract] Rao Li, University of South Carolina Aiken [abstract] Rui Xu, University of West Georgia [abstract]
Robert Beeler, Clemson University [abstract] Garry Johns, Saginaw Valley State University [abstract] Tian-Xiao He, Illinois Wesleyan University [abstract]
Mike Plantholt, Illinois State University [abstract] Laura Sheppardson, Univ. of Mississippi [abstract] James Shook, Univ. of Mississippi [abstract]

Tenative Schedule of Talks: [schedule]

Abstracts: Abstracts for contributed talks are due by April 15, 2007. A tex or latex file is preferred, or a pdf file. The file should contain the Title, abstract and authors information.

Location: Talks will be held in room E208 (or in W301 and W303) of the Math and Science Center of Emory University. The conference will begin at 1PM (as usual) on Thursday May 17.

Equipment: There will be a laptop projector available, as well as a digital document camera. Thus, slides (or a paper version of slides) can be used as well. Wireless connections for laptops will also be available.

Campus Map: Map

Parking Information:

Parking will be available in the Peavine deck.
1. Get to the 5-way intersection at Emory Village (Starbucks and Everybodys on one side, Emory on the other) on North Decatur Road.
2. Drive through the obvious archway into Emory.
3. Continue along the road through Emory (passing the math building on your left and the concrete White Hall Building on your right). Take a RIGHT at the T/stop sign. Take a LEFT at the next stop sign. The Peavine Deck is the large parking structure on your LEFT (past the open visitors parking). Free parking has been arranged for the conference.

Housing: A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn - Decatur, Georgia. A special rate of $109 per night has been arranged. When making reservations, please indicate the Cumberland Conference to get this rate. Reservations must be made by April 12, 2007. Of course Atlanta is loaded with other hotels, so feel free to make reservations where ever you wish.

Special Events: The conference dinner will be on Friday, May 18 at 7PM in the Conference Center of Emory University. All participants are welcome. In addition, there will be a wine and cheese reception in room E200 of the Math and Science Center on Thursday, May 17 following the talks (around 5PM). This will held be in conjunction with a conference on algebra, also being held at this time.

Support: The conference has some support available through NSA for women and for graduate students to attend the meeting. You must be a citizen or permanent resident to obtain this support. Please contact the conference director to inquire about support.

Future Sites:
The 21st Cumberland Conference will be hosted by Vanderbilt University.
The 22nd Cumberlanbd Conference will be hosted by Western Kentucky University.
The 23rd Cumberland Conference will be hosted ny The University of Mississippi.

For more information, contact:

Ron Gould
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322

Other links of interest:

The Emory Discrete Math and Theoretical CS Group DM and TCS

Watch this page for future updates on the conference.