Math 535 - Combinatorics I - Fall 2014 --- Professor: Ron Gould

Office: E432 Math and Sciences Bldg Office Hours: 11:00-1:00PM MW or by appointment
Office Phone: 404-727-7924 email:

Text: Combinatorics - Topics, Techniques, Algorithms by Peter J. Cameron, Cambridge Univ. Press; and other reading materials supplied.

Combinatorics Hall of Fame: (1st semester)
Euler Steiner Kirkman Catalan

GRADING: Course grades will be based on a series of written assignments. Each assignment is generally due one week after completion of the material of a chapter, unless otherwise indicated. Written assignments are expected to be complete, including a statement of the problem being addressed, as well as the solution. Solutions should be written to the best ability of the student at all times. Writting style is considered important and suggestions for improvement will be made whenever deemed necessary.

The Course: The course assumes no previous knowledge of combinatorics. Thus, we build from basics. Background in linear algebra and algebra is useful. This semester the emphasis is on enumeration, but some important combinatorial structures will be introduced.

Assignments Fall 2012: