My papers - Ron Gould (Papers still under construction, more later.)

1. A note on graphs whose neighborhoods are n-cycles [paper1 1974]

2. On homogeneously traceable nonhamiltonian graphs [paper2 1979]

3. A note on locally connected and hamiltonian - connected graphs [paper3 1979]

4. Some ramsey type results on trees versus complete graphs [paper4 1979]

5. On ramsey numbers of forests versus nearly complete graphs, [paper5 1980]

6. The min-max super graph [paper6 1980]

7. Degree sets for homogeneously traceable nonhamiltonian graphs, [paper7 1981]

9. Bigraphical sets [paper9 1981]

10. Forbidden subgraphs and the hamiltonian theme, [paper10 1981]

11. Graphs with prescribed degree sets and girth, [paper11 1981]

12. A note on the ramsey number for the union of graphs versus many graphs, [paper12 1981]

13. (D; n)-Cages,graphs [paper13 1981]

14. Bounds for the ramsey number of a disconnected graph versus any graph [paper14 1982]

15. Forbidden subgraphs and hamiltonian properties of graphs, [paper15 1982]

16. On the ramsey number of trees versus graphs with large clique number, [paper16 1983]

17. Traceability in the square of a tree, [paper17 1983]

18 Degree sets and graph factorization, [paper18 1984]

19. A note on mixed ramsey numbers, total chromatic number versus graphs

20. Forbidden subgraphs and hamiltonian properties in the square of a graph [paper20 1984]

21. A recursive algorithm for hamiltonian cycles in the (1, j, n)-Cayley graph of the alternating group [paper21 1985]

22. Cayley graphs and (1, j, n)-sequencings of the alternating group A_n [paper22 1987]

23. Extremal problems involving neighborhood unions [paper23 1987]

24. Goodness of trees for generalized books [paper24 1987]

25. Neighborhood conditions and edge disjoint hamiltonian cycles, [paper25 1987]

26 Neighborhood closures for graphs, [paper26 1988]

27. Graphs with an ascending subgraph decomposition, [paper27 1988]

28. Neighborhood unions and hamiltonian properties in graphs, [paper28 1989]

29. Some extremal problems involving adjacency conditions for vertices at distance two, [paper29 1989]

30. On a neighborhood condition implying the existence of disjoint complete graphs, [paper30 1989]

31. Menger path systems, [paper31 1989]

32. An ascending subgraph decomposition for forests, [paper32 1990]

33. Monochromatic coverings in colored complete graphs, [paper33 1990]

34. Two - irregular graphs, [paper34 1990]

35. Lower bounds for lower ramsey numbers, [paper35 1990]

36. On a generalization of Ore's theorem for hamiltonian-connected graphs, [paper36 1990]

37. Hamiltonian properties and adjacency conditions in K_{1, 3}-free graphs, [paper37 1991]

38. Bounds on the number of isolated vertices in sum graphs, [paper38 1991]

39. Neighborhood unions and highly hamiltonian graphs, [paper39 1991]

40. Neighborhood conditions and edge-disjoint perfect matchings, [paper40 1991]

41. Neighborhood intersections and a generalization of Ore's theorem, [paper41 1991]

42. Updating the Hamiltonian problem - a survey, [paper42 1991]

43. Generalized degrees, connectivity and hamiltonian properties in graphs, [paper43 1991]

44. On rotation numbers for digraphs, [paper44 1991]

45. Seymour's conjecture, [paper45 1991]

46. On independent generalized degrees and independence numbers in $K_{1,3}$-free graphs, [paper46 1991]

47. Neighborhood unions and a generalization of Dirac's theorem, [paper47 1992]

48. Generalized degrees and Menger path systems, [paper48 1992]

49. A generalization of Dirac's theorem for $K_{1, 3}$-free graphs, [paper49 1992]

50. On the ascending subgraph decomposition problem, [paper50 1992]

51. A characterization of influence graphs of a prescribed graph, [paper51 1992]