QB Ratings Project

Fundamental questions involved in this project:

  • What are quarterback ratings in college and professional football?

  • How are they calculated?

  • What do they mean?

  • Why are college and professional quarterback rating systems different? (You will learn how to calculate both quarterback ratings using two different mathematical formulas.)

  • Are these ratings meaningful? That is, do they convey the differences between players abilities?

    Your job: You will need to interpret these ratings and see how they rank quarterbacks in their respective leagues. Thus, you must form your own opinions about these rating systems and draw your own conclusions. Use your data as a part of your argument.

    The project workings:

    This project will be conducted in teams (2 or 3 persons) selected in class. You will be given two weeks to conduct your research and write your report based on your own analysis. Using actual statistics from both the National Football League (NFL) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) division one (I-A) quarterbacks, you will:

  • Determine the equations used to compute these ratings and write a formula for each.

  • Calculate QB ratings for 10 quarterbacks (your choice of who) from the NFL and 10 from the NCAA using the appropriate formulas and data from one full year on each QB. (Note: they can come from different years),

  • You will prepare a spreadsheet presenting the statistics and computations.

  • Write a persuasive argument about the strengths and weaknesses of each formula, using the information you researched as data. You will also prepare facts and information to use in a class discussion/debate about these formulas, what they measure and how good a guide they actually are. Thus, you should try to answer the questions from the beginning section.

  • You can obtain the necessary information from a number of sources. It might come from books of sports statistics, or from any website of your choice that supplies such statistics. However, you must reference the source or sources of your statistics.

    Possible resources for the project:

    Some possible websites are shown below.





    Other Search Engines available to find more information:


    Important Points to Remember

  • Use the correct formulas and apply them correctly!
  • Your conclusions are opinions and they need reasons, so think about what these formulas calculate and ask yourself is this a good way to measure things.
  • This is a project, so make it look professional and be neatly organized and easy to read.
  • Be sure you have colllected all the required data and done all the required steps.
  • As a team - be prepared to explain what you have done and why and be prepared to defend your opinions. To do this you need to get together and decide on how to make your presentation.
    -Have facts and information organized to use in the discussion.
    -Have each team member play a significant role in presenting your data and defending your conclusions.