Ron Gould

Math & CS

What follows is an outline of the discussion done in my TATTO writing for the sciences sessions. It is an outline of the types of things I like to address and does not reflect how individual sessions may vary based on comments from the students.

Assumptions about this session:

This session is about teaching - using writing. Your job as a teacher is 3-fold: Provide information (lectures, readings, etc.), find ways to help your students learn (answering questions, stimulating thinking) and evaluate your students (grades, understanding their level ). We want to use writing to help accomplish these goals. Good teaching involves more than providing information. You should always have an estimation of the level of understanding obtained by your students and you should adjust your teaching accordingly. Correcting misunderstandings early helps your students advance faster and achieve a deeper level of overall understanding. We shall always strive for these goals.
Much of what follows is "philosophy" and all of it results from years in the classroom. My main assumption however, is I am here to help students understand, not just to present material and I need to find effective ways to accomplish this goal.

Basics Assumptions About Writing:

Basic Principles of Science Writing:

Common Questions:

What makes a good writing assignment?

How should you as a teacher evaluate writing?

Types of Writing: