Sarah Trebat-Leder

K-12 Mathematics Education and Outreach Activities

University Level Mathematics Education and Outreach Activities

  • The Graduate Computer Science and Maths Society: I have served as the Departmental Rep, President, and Treasurer for this student group. My main focus has been on advocating for graduate students in my department and working to improve their experiences as students and workers.
  • Emory Mathematics REU: I was an instructor here during the summers of 2014 and 2015, working with two or three groups of undergraduate students. I also participated in this program twice as an undergraduate student.
  • Emory Calculus Instructor: I taught Calc 1 (Fall 2014) and Calc 2 (Spring 2015) at Emory as the instructor of record.
  • Princeton Math Club: I was the president for two years (but involved all four years), and did lots of things to try and improve the experience of math majors, including planning colloquia and social events, running programs that encouraged undergrads to interact outside of the classroom with graduate students and faculty, holding information sessions on REUs, independent work, and graduate school, and being a liaison between the department and undergraduate students.

Non-Mathematical Education and Outreach Activities

  • Camp Mosey Wood: I was a counselor at this girl scout camp during the summer of 2009.
  • Good Shepherd Karate Academy: I taught karate throughout middle and high school at this karate school specializing in kids with disabilities. I worked extensively with kids on the autism spectrum.

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