Mathematics PhD

The Department offers a Ph.D. in mathematics designed for those with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics. The Ph.D. is suitable for those wishing to pursue careers in academics or industry. Possible areas of research specialization include:

  • Algebra and Number Theory: Division algebras and the Brauer group, Galois cohomology, real algebraic geometry, algebraic groups, algebraic number theory, computational methods
  • Analysis/Geometry: complex analysis, conformal and quasiconformal mappings, global analysis on manifolds, microlocal analysis, geometric analysis, partial differential equations
  • Combinatorics/Graph Theory: graph theory, random structures, ordered sets, projective planes, theory of computation
  • Computational Mathematics: high performance computing, computational fluid dynamics, image processing, inverse problems, numerical analysis (linear algebra, PDEs, optimization), scientific computation

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Students admitted to the program, in full standing, should have the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in mathematics.

Mathematics Graduate Program Handbook