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Dmitry Lagun

Graduate Student

Intelligent Information Access Lab
Mathematics & Computer Science
Emory University
Email: dlagun AT emory DOT edu
Mailing address:
Math & CS Department, Emory University
400 Dowman Drive, Suite W401
Atlanta, Georgia 30322, USA
Update: I joined Google as a Research Scientist in Fall 2014. If you are interested in internship opportunities, please send your CV to dlagun AT google DOT com


I am currently a PhD candidate at Math and Computer Science Department of Emory University. My interests include Information Retrieval, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, and Health Informatics. My advisor is Dr. E. Agichtein.

Before coming to Emory I received my M.S. degree in engineering from Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET) in 2008.


  • D. Lagun, Chih-Hung Hsieh, Dale Webster and Vidhya Navalpakkam "Towards Better Measurement of Attention and Satisfaction in Mobile Search", SIGIR, 2014, Best Student Paper Award. PDF slides

  • D. Lagun and E. Agichtein "Effects of Task and Domain on Searcher Attention", SIGIR, 2014. PDF

  • D. Lagun, Q. Guo, M. Ageev, and E. Agichtein "Discovering Common Motifs in Cursor Movement Data for Improving Web Search", WSDM, 2014, Best Student Paper Award. PDF

  • M. Ageev, D. Lagun, and E. Agichtein "The Answer is at your Fingertips: Improving Passage Retrieval for Web Question Answering with Search Behavior Data", EMNLP, 2013

  • J. Kim, M. Cramer, J. Teevan and D. Lagun "Understanding Web Search Interactions with Dynamic Results Generated using Implicit Feedback", CIKM 2013.

  • D. Lagun, C. Manzanares, E. Buffalo, S. Zola, and E. Agichtein "Predicting Cognitive Decline from Eye Movement Shapelets", ICML Workshop on Role of Machine Learning in Transforming Healthcare, 2013.

  • D. Lagun, A. Sud, R. White, P. Bailey, and G. Buscher "Explicit Feedback in Local Search Tasks", SIGIR, 2013.

  • M. Ageev, D. Lagun, and E. Agichtein "Improving Search Result Summaries By Using Searcher Behavior Data", SIGIR, 2013, Best Paper Award Nominee.

  • Q. Guo, H. Jin, D. Lagun, S. Yuan, and E. Agichtein "Mining touch interaction data on mobile devices to predict web search result relevance", SIGIR, 2013.

  • D. Savenkov, D. Lagun, and Q. Liu "Search Engine Switching Detection Based on Personal Preferences and Behavior Patterns", SIGIR, 2013.

  • Q. Guo, H. Jin, D. Lagun, S. Yuan, and E. Agichtein "Towards Estimating Web Search Result Relevance from Touch Interactions on Mobile Devices", CHI, 2013.

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  • E. Agichtein, E. Buffalo, D. Lagun, A. Levey, C. Manzanares, J. Shin, S. Zola "Developing and Validating Automated Web-Based Behavioral Diagnostics for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease", Medicine-X 2012.

  • D. Lagun and E. Agichtein "Re-Examining Search Result Snippet Examination Time for Relevance Estimation", SIGIR, 2012. PDF

  • Q. Guo and D. Lagun, and D. Savenkov, and Q. Liu, "Improving Relevance Prediction by Addressing Biases and Sparsity in Web Search Click Data", Workshop on Web Search Click Data, 2012. PDF

  • D. Lagun, E. Agichtein, "ViewSer: Enabling Large-Scale Remote User Studies of Web Search Examination and Interaction", SIGIR, 2011. PDF

  • Mikhail Ageev, Qi Guo, D. Lagun, E. Agichtein "Find it if you can: Modeling and Predicting Successful Web Search with Crowd-sourced Behavior Data", SIGIR, 2011, Best Paper Award. PDF

  • D. Lagun, E. Agichtein, "ViewSer: A Tool for Large-Scale Studies of Web Search Result Examination", to appear at CHI 2011. PDF

  • D. Lagun, C. Manzanares, S. Zola, E. Buffalo, and E. Agichtein, "Detecting cognitive impairment by eye movement analysis using automatic classification algorithms", Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2011.

  • D. Lagun, E. Agichtein, E. Buffalo, C. Manzanares , S. Zola, "VPW: An Interactive Prototype of a Web-Based Visual Paired Comparison Behavioral Diagnostic Task", Proceedings of the 1st ACM International Health Informatics Symposium, 2010. PDF

  • E. Agichtein, E. Buffalo, D. Lagun, C. Manzanares , S. Zola, "VPC-W: a Web-based visual paired comparison task for early detection of amnestic mild cognitive impairment", will be presented in the Society. for Neuroscience 2010 Annual Meeting. PDF

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