CS355 Syllabus & Progress

CS355 Syllabus & Progress

Material covered are displayed in blue.

You can run the circuit examples by first saving the file in your own directory and then use logic-sim to run the circuit. To save an example from a webpage, do the following in Netscape:

     Click File -> Save As
     Complete the file name in the "Selection" box
       (Make sure you specify the right directory name and file name !)
     Click OK when the file name is right

  1. Logic elements and Boolean Algebra
  2. Switching Circuits... how is the CPU wired...
  3. Arithmetic (and Logic) Circuits.... see what the ALU look like
  4. Sequential Circuits
  5. Finite State Machines (class notes, not in book)
  6. Bi-directional Transfer (class notes, not in book)
  7. Memory Organization
  8. CPU Micro Architecture

  9. Micro-programming:
    Is you understand everything so far, congrats... You now know exactly how the computer works when it executes a program. The only thing that you don't know about the computer is how the CPU and memory (and IO devices) communicate with each other. We will fix that next....
  10. The system bus:

  11. IO Communication

    You should now know how the entire computer works. The only things left to discuss are the bells and whistles that make the computer runs faster (and safer)...
  12. Pipeline design
  13. Cache memory:
  14. The Virtual Memory technique

    The end.... hope that you have learned a lot in this course... don't stop here, keep learning... knowledge is power...