Tomasz Luczak

my picture    Department of Mathematics and CS
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
tel:  (404)  727-3637
fax: (404)  727-5611
  and    Department of Discrete Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics and CS
Adam Mickiewicz University
Poznan, Poland
tel:  +48  (61)  829-5394
fax: +48  (61)  829-5315

Office:   Mathematics and Science Center, E416
Office hours:   MT 9:00-10:30

A "combinatorial" quote

Even Feynman got into the act. He attended two lectures I gave at Cal Tech in November 1952 and came up with the clearest and sharpest formulation of what was needed to fill the gap. The only time I have ever seen Feynman take notes was during these two lectures. Usually, he is miles ahead of the speaker but following combinatorial argument is difficult for all mortals.
Mark Kac, "Enigmas of Chance"

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