CCF is a multidisciplinary research project at Emory University investigating novel methodologies for collaborative computing. CCF is a multidisciplinary project involving participants from the departments of Math and Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Biochemistry at Emory University, and is supported by the National Science Foundation under the Multidisciplinary Challenges program. Please contact for more information.

Current Group Members

Vaidy Sunderam (PI/PD) Paul Gray

In collaboration with: The Department of Computer Science, The University of Reading (UK)
Roger Loader and James Pascoe

Previous Group Members

Luigi G. Marzilli

Michael D. Hirsch

Shun Yan Cheung

Sarah E. Chodrow

Michelangelo Grigni

Ted Goddard

Soeren Olesen

Julie Sult

Phil Hutto

Sue Onuschak

Kevin Williams

Scott Childs

N Balaguru

Injong Rhee

Alan Krantz

white space

Jim Nettles

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Research suppoted by the National Science Foundation under grant: NSF ASC - 9527186