Papers, Technical Reports, and Presentations

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Project Overview

  • Summary: Collaborative Computing Frameworks for Natural Sciences Research
  • Extended Abstract: CCF: Collaborative Computing Frameworks
  • CCTL: Communications Subsystem

  • Group Communication Support for Distributed Collaboration Systems. Rhee, et al. ICDCS proceedings, May 1997.
  • Group Communication Support for Distributed Multimedia and CSCW Systems Rhee, et al. Submitted to Cluster Computing, March 1998.
  • Collaboration Environment and Application Sharing

  • CCFX-CCSM: A Distributed X-Multiplexor Krantz, et al. To appear in ICDCS proceedings, May 1998.
  • Supporting Input Multiplexing in a Heterogeneous Environment. Krantz, et al. JCIS proceedings, March 1997.

    CCFAudio: the CCF Audio Tool

  • Design and Implementation of a Multicast Audio Conferencing Tool for a Collaborative Computing Framework Chodrow, et al. JCIS proceedings, March 1997.
  • JCIS '97 Slides
  • Compute Space

  • The IceT Environment for Parallel and Distributed Computing Gray, et al. Extended Abstract for ISCOPE'97
  • IceT: Distributed Computing and Java Gray, et al. PPoPP paper.
  • IceT Slides, CCC97.
  • WebVector: Agents with URLs Goddard, et al. Proceedings of WET-ICE'97.
  • Data Space

  • Distributed Data Management Support for Collaborative Computing Olesen, et al. HPCN97 proceedings.
  • HPCN97 Slides

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