As an integral part of the CCF project, we have tested related products and evaluated their performance. Information about the tests will be available in the reports section and links will appear here to related sites.

Collaboratory Model
Components of a World-Wide Web Chemical Collaboratory
The Internet and Education
The Intermed (TM) Collaboratory
A Collaboratory for the Humanities
An EyeChem Collaboratory
The Collaboratory Notebook
Telemedicine/Telesmell/Collaboratory Concept
The AstroVR Collaboratory, An On-line Multi-User Environment for Research in Astrophysics
TUM Info XI: CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work)
DOITT--NPR Collaboratory
Stanford NRE Collaboratory System
Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work
Comproto Collaboratory
An Internet-Based Collaboratory
Collaboratory's Home Page
Creating a Collaboratory in Cyberspace: Theoretical Foundation and an Implementation
Collaboratory for Microscopic Digital Anatomy Project Overview
The Triad Collaboratory
Medical Collaboration Testbed
The Spectro-Microscopy Collaboratory Design Document:
Distributed, Collaboratory Experiment Environments
Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory

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